The Javanese lichen stick insect – species name Pseudodiacantha macklottii – is sometimes known as the mossy stick. It is native to Java (Indonesia) and is a mainly nocturnal. This particular species of stick insect can both glide and fly. The females can grow to a length of 7 cm while the males can reach about 5.5 cm.

The colour of this stick insect species is typically a bark-like brown.For food it prefers the leaves of the hazelnut and Rhododendron (they will very reluctantly eat bramble leaves if need be).

This species reproduces sexually and the eggs are brown in colour. They have an incubation period of five to six months. Upon hatching, the baby stick insect reaches maturity within four or five months.

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(Photo credits: Bruno Kneubühler)



Species Name: Pseudodiacantha macklottii
Common Name(s): Javanese Lichen Stick Insect, Mossy Stick
Describer: De Haan
Year Described: 1842
Originates: Java (Indonesia)
Reproduction: sexual
Egg Colour: brown
Egg Incubation Period: 5-6 months
Diurnal or Nocturnal: nocturnal
Winged or Wingless: Winged – can glide and fly
Size at Maturity: male 55mm, female 70mm
Colouration: bark-like brownish
Leaves Eaten: Rhododendron, hazelnut (bramble only reluctantly)
Maturity Reached at: Males 4 months, females 5 months
Lifespan: ?
To Look After: moderate
Temperament: nervous


Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Phasmatodea
Family: Diapheromeridae
Genus: Pseudodiacantha
Species: Pseudodiacantha macklottii



Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Bilateria
Infrakingdom Protostomia
Superphylum Ecdysozoa
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Hexapoda
Class Insecta
Subclass Dicondylia
Subclass Pterygota
Infraclass Neoptera
Superorder Polyneoptera
Order Phasmida
Family Diapheromeridae
Genus Pseudodiacantha
Species Pseudodiacantha macklottii

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